At this time’s Wordle Reply #464 – September 26, 2022 Answer And Hints

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The answer to right this moment’s Wordle puzzle (#464 – September 26, 2022) is brisk. Other than the definitions we have offered above, you would additionally say one thing (particularly meals) is brisk if it is pleasantly tangy or notably contemporary and invigorating (through Merriam-Webster). In its verb type, in case you make one thing brisk or brisk one thing up, you make it animated or infuse it with power or a lot exercise.

The phrase brisk has its roots within the French phrase “brusque,” which suggests energetic or fierce, and probably from the Italian adjective “brusco,” that means sharp, tart, or tough, in line with Etymonline. We performed by the rulebook once more right this moment, selecting certainly one of WordleBot’s beneficial starter phrases, slant, as our first guess. It paid off as a result of we discovered the reply after guessing the phrase morse. It is particularly rewarding as a result of WordleBot reviews that it took most gamers 4.1 guesses to crack the code, however we did it in three, and hope you resolve the puzzle in even fewer tries.

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